Technology System

The Eco-Sand™ System is an accelerated ecologically stable water purification process using specially selected and extensively tested self-regenerating aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms.

Unlike conventional filtration systems using synthetic fibres to filter out relatively large particles, the Eco-Sand™ System depends on a combination of symbiotic aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms in the sand filter bed to remove, not only the solid wastes, but also dissolved wastes in the pond water, thereby inhibiting the growth of suspended algae, which otherwise will make the pond water murky green and toxic. It produces crystal clear and odourless water, stabilises the pH and stops the formation of ammonia.

How the Eco-Sand System works?


A - Pumps and piping draw water from the pond through the sand-bed by negative pressure which also increases dissolution of oxygen in the pond water.

B – Solid wastes and dissolved ammonia is forced into bacteria laden sand-bed where the unsightly solids are trapped, clarifying the water.

C – Aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms embedded in the sand neutralizes and converts the highly toxic ammonia into harmless nitrites and nitrates and into beautifying algae.