Eco-Sand System

Every ornamental fish hobbyist’s dream is to be able to admire their pet fish as they swim effortlessly and majestically around the crystal clear water in the ponds without the weekly chore of pond cleaning and water changing and the heartbreak losses of precious and expensive fish to diseases.

Filters play an essential role in ponds populated with fish, because they remove waste products from fish and plant debris, keeping the water clear, and ensuring a balanced eco-system.


In mountain streams, the whole stream is a stable eco-system, but in an enclosed system like a fish pond, conventional filters and frequent water changes are only a poor substitute for the natural system until now.

The filter systems available depend on mechanical/physical systems or biological systems which must be refreshed fortnightly.

A popular conventional filter sytem occupies 30% of the area designated for the fish pond, in addition to the frequent cleaning and water changes while others use UV, high pressure pumps and other complicated devices.

The self-regenerating Eco-Sand™ System is the fulfillment of a seemingly impossible dream of owning a pond which is beautiful to behold, has crystal clear water for the total enjoyment of the whole family 24/7 all year round, without the frequent tedious chore of filter cleaning and water changing.

Eco-Sand™ effectively removes all unsightly solid wastes from the surface and the specially cultured microbes convert these wastes to harmless nitrates and nitrites instead of ammonia which is highly toxic to fish. The end result is not only crystal clear water but is also low in biological oxygen demand (BOD) and low in ammonia.
The natural decomposition of proteinaceous wastes, facilitated by the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the Eco-Sand™ System eliminates the formation of smelly ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. The system even eliminates the fishy smell of the protective mucous on the scales of the fish. No more smells, just like a mountain stream.
Eco-Sand™ is an Accelerated Ecological Water Purification Process appearing as a layer of sand at the base of the pond. No more cumbersome filter chambers which need to be hidden, no more underground pipes which sometimes leak. The Eco-Sand™ System needs only yearly maintenance and the usual overflow pipe.