Advantages of ECOSAND SYSTEM:

  1. Required No Water Change
  2. Require No Filters – therefore No washing of filter and flushing of medias
  3. Required No Backwashing – No Sand filter
  4. No Pipes leakages – Sump tank & Chamber cum filter
  5. No longer a slave to your fishes and other fresh water pets
  6. Not only remove the solid waste produce by fishes BUT dissolving the waste in the pond/tank water
  7. Inhibiting the growth of suspended Algae
  8. Stop toxic formation; Converting Ammonia into harmless Nitrogen, through Nitrogen Cycle Process


  1. Save Water, Save Electricity and most importantly Save Time… GO GREEN!
  2. Can take 5 times more Bio-load
  3. Creates enough vitamins and minerals for your fishes, thus strengthening their immune system
  4. Eliminates breeding ground for mosquito
  5. It is Chemical Free
  6. Minimal maintenance once yearly
  7. Save space, 30% or more
  8. Cost saving on manpower and other maintenance service

More than 10 years ago, we were trying to enjoy looking at some very beautiful Japanese Koi but the greenish water spoiled the view. This is despite regular water changes and having large filter beds of sand and other miscellaneous media.

A thorough search revealed an impressive number of methods to filter/ treat the water. Many kind hobbyists shared with us the advantages of the systems they have used and almost all of them lamented that if they do not significantly reduce sunshine, the water almost always invariably turned green with algal bloom.

Recalling our earlier research experience with high biomass industrial effluent, we realize that mere reduction of biomass will not solve the problem because no matter what we do to the nitrogenous compounds, it will remain dissolved in the water and there will be some unicellular algae that will multiply in this rich solution. We need to approach it in an entirely different way that will make the environment unfriendly to the unicellular algae and yet not kill or harm the delicate fish The only possible method will have to involve the new approach to the use of microbes. Year of frustration, during which time the research tanks turned green after a only few weeks, was finally rewarded with a combination which kept the water clear and the fish happy for more than 6 months. We have further developed this into the present system that can keep the water clear for a year of more.

The system changes the entire ecology of the tank/pond to favour the proliferation of filamentous algae that stick to the sides of the ponds, at the expense of he unicellular algae. By means of special techniques we have created a sand bed filter system that is colonized by our unique blend of microbes. The whole system is not only stable over time but also is able to self regenerate continually if we do not add in antibiotics and some other miscellaneous aquarium shop medications. Once the system is properly installed, the pond is literally maintenance free, needing only topping up water lost by evaporation and to check that the pumps are all working properly. The frequency of maintenance servicing depends on the stocking density because the build-up of biomass in the sand bed is directly proportional to the feed introduced and the waste produced. During the service of the filter -bed in the ponds, defective mechanical pumps are replaced and biomass build-up in the sand bed is removed with a specially designed vacuum pump system so that the water flow through the sand bed is not obstructed.